About Kate &  KJM Bookkeeping

The financial side of running a business – balancing books and keeping up with the latest super regulations, payroll requirements and, of course, accountancy software packages – is what makes us smile with satisfaction!

Trust Worthy

You can count on us to keep you compliant with the ever-changing tax and accounting landscape.


We’ve been in the field of managing books for small businesses and construction tradies for over 10 years.


We’ll competently keep your accounts in order and ensure you can rely on our courteous conduct.

Who We Are

We Are Certified Bookkeeping Experts

We believe people should do the things they love the most. For us, that means balancing the books, meeting accountancy deadlines and making sure the taxman is paid his due, but not a cent more.

But we know that everyone is different – some people aren’t excited by spreadsheets. Other’s aren’t even interested in the latest accounting software packages that make business account management easier!

Fortunately for us, it’s exactly those people who create the kind of work we love. If you’d like to join our growing list of clients who prefer to sleep at night rather than balance their books, or even become one of the many business owners spending time with family and friends at weekends instead of worrying over Business Activity Statements and WorkCover payments, give us a call today. We’d love to help – really.

We’re based in Warragul and can either work from our offices or join you at your location. Our service supports small businesses of all kinds and we have specific experience and expertise with construction trades. Our dedicated bookkeeping service aims to support you as much as you need – even if that’s just helping you select and set up the best accounting software for your type of business so you can manage your books alone.

Our aim is to make bookkeeping a breeze for businesses of all types. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!